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Linda trained as a Veterinary Technician, although she is no longer able to work in that field due to an injury. She grew up with a Boston terrier named Lollipop and has always loved the breed. Linda bred her first litter of Bostons in 1997 out of another Lollipop, but she and her four children were so much in love with Lolly that they decided to get another Boston and breed them. They bought a male named Popsicle. Lolly and Popsie had their first litter in August of 1997, and we kept Tootsie Pop (a female to breed) and Chunky Bar (a male we neutered), from that litter. And so the “edible” tradition began… In 1998, Lolly had another litter, from which we kept another female, Snickers Bar…our first brindle.

We have welcomed troubled children - and adults - into our home, so depending on when you visit here, the faces you see could change. We have also helped Linda's mom for many years take care of Linda's dad & grandmother, both of whom had a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease. Linda's dad & grandmother have moved on to their heavenly address, so we now only help Mom with what she needs. Our family life can be a little hectic, but never lacks in the love department.

We have continued to improve our Boston line, adding first Skittles from the Champion Wildax line, then his son Chilly Willee. They no longer breed, but we have girls from their wonderful line. We have added reds to our line with our gorgeous Red Bull as our foundation male, and we have recently added a new male, Rocky Road. He should be on the small side of the scale, and we're excited to see what beautiful puppies he throws. We breed only Bostons, and do so in our home. They never leave our living space where they receive LOTS of hands-on attention from the family. We do not have a traditional kennel; we keep our dogs in the house, believing that Bostons are meant to be family pets. 

We are located in the mid-Shenandoah Valley, approximately 2 hours from the DC area, 2 hours from the Richmond area, and 2 hours from the Roanoke area. The mountains are always gorgeous, so it is worth the drive just to see them, and of get the licks from the babies. Linda NEVER gets tired of puppy breath!


      September 20, 2014